Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wildlife Camera

Hey Bob!!!

Yes Mommy?

Do you want to take a walk in the woods?

"You bet, lets go!!!"

"I think something has been here! I smell it!!!!!"
"Well we better hurry, its getting dark".

"Mommy, I smell that "scent" all around this area!! Hurry!!"

"Hmmm, you mean all around this corn?"

"Well...lucky for us, Bob, we have a wildlife camera here."

"And, it appears we have 34 photos on here."

"Lets take it back to the house and have a look."

"Lets go! I want to see!!!!"

We went back to the house and hooked up the camera to the computer. Mickey sat with us. We saw pictures of crows, and raccoons. We saw pictures of several different deer...
Then we saw this!
Mickey has not been able to sleep since......

This image has been keeping him awake....

Bob can barely believe his eyes either!

"Mommy! That is one BIG deer!"
Yes it is...
Do you have wildlife at your house?
Tell me.


  1. Wow - and I was a little afraid you were going to capture Bigfoot with that camera... lol

    I suspect we have tons of critters that come out at night. My dogs sleep in the house at night, and I noticed the other day that the persimmons were totally ripe and falling from the trees.

    Lots of critters come and eat those...

    Judy (also in Oklahoma)

  2. How cool is that camera! and the critters it catches on film. What fun it must be to have a camera like that.

  3. Oh yeah, but I never see them. Only where they have been.
    A friend put up a wildlife camera at the back of our farm, AND SOMEONE STOLE IT!
    He was scouting for deer in the cornfields behind us and someone was scouting for a new camera. That just hacked me off.
    That deer looks like he's vying for a part in a spooky movie. I'd be spooked by the picture too. Bob, you are not alone! tee hee