Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And we continued on our trip

After leaving my mother in laws we headed south. We headed to this house..

My Mommys house...!

Bob was warmly welcomed here. After all, my mother is a daily reader of my blog and was super excited to meet Bob.

So was Jim....

My Mom asked if we were hungry, and of course we said YES!

She had a pot of chicken corn soup on the stove...I'm just assuming the whole world eats this and knows exactly what I'm talking about. If not..let me know

She also made us Lebanon bologna sandwiches...

YES ...we were definitely in Pennsylvania...This is home food...

And guess who else was there...? My brand new nephew, born on my birthday!!!

I could not get enough of this baby. Just look at the sweet face! He is such a good natured adorable boy...My little sister is so proud of this baby..
She just beamed the entire time. Who wouldn't be? Hes picture perfect. I thought I had plenty of room in the car to take him back to Oklahoma with me, but they didn't seem keen on that idea. I just cant imagine why...
I'm so happy my sister is a grandmother.

So we visited, ate and talked. I heard later that Bob had been outside chasing stray cats away. I didn't know it until after the fact...That could be the reason for this behavior in the picture.

Tuckered out...

Then it was time to move on.

More later.

The doctor says I have poison. I'm guessing I got it when I was raking leaves at my mother in laws? I don't know...but steroids and a round of antibiotics are what the Dr ordered....




  1. I'm so glad your welts weren't any more serious that what they are. I not familiar with chicken corn soup and is Lebanon bologna a special kind of bologna? Your sweet great nephew is so adorable. You just gotta love those cheeks! Bob does look plum tuckered out. Looks like you had a wonderful visit with your mom.

  2. I miss you already. Had a wonderful short visit. Cant wait till Mike Brayden and I come visit you next year. Brayden should be walking by then.. OOOHHH NOOO I really enjoy your blogs! Love you your sis

  3. I'm starving and that chicken soup looked good.
    I'm telling you now I've never seen that chicken soup or the Lebanon sandwich. POST PLEASE!
    Poor Bob, all tuckered out.
    I think I would have tucked that little one under my coat and made a run for it. tee hee