Sunday, November 29, 2009


What do you want for Christmas this year? Do you remember your favorite present of all?

Do you remember the best Christmas ever??!

Do you remember that one present that gave you many years of nightmares??!!! No?? Well I do...



She lives at my Grandmas house...Not with me..Because I have been scared to death of this doll since 1964...That is how old she is and when she came into my life one hopeful Christmas morning.....The year I was 5..I came down the stairs to this!!!!.

The eyes!! She was just the same size I think as I was at that time..I cried...I really did...She was scary....I disliked this doll so much I named her Jezebel..The bad woman in the bible..I knew that name was perfect for this doll!

At night, when I tried to sleep, there she sat..watching..waiting...Patiently and silently she sat until I went to sleep, and then she could terrorize me in my dreams...or nightmares..She was always coming for me. So many times I would hide under the blanket and peer out and see those eyes as she sat there in my bedroom..Sometimes I would cover her with a sheet. Finally...I just hid her in the attic space. I think my grandmother got her out and some kids that visited played with her as the years passed on ...Then she went into the attic space..

At some point through time, my grandmother got her out and sat her back in the upstairs bedroom..She has endured the passage of many years, but her hair was falling out and whatever dress she arrived in was then gone..

A couple of years ago when I went back for a visit, my Dil and I decided to give Jezebel a makeover..We bought her a dress, sandals, socks and a hat....My fears have subsided through the years..My grandmother and I even talk about Jezebel like she is a member of the family..My grandmother thinks I should rename her. But I never have..

So I propped her up at the dining room table before I left my grandmas this trip...She will sit there for awhile then I'm sure she will go back upstairs and sit on the chair until I return later..
One day I look for Jezebel to come live at my house on Peebly Road...And I suppose I will welcome her in. Just like family..
Even tho she is going upstairs first thing...


  1. Such an innocent looking doll to cause you such terrible nightmares and how kind of you to give her a makeover. Probably my most favorite childhood Christmas gift would have to be a Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. Santa brought it when I was in the 3rd grade. Thank you for sending me the info on the camera. I hope it will be one of my husband's most favorite gifts. I'm going to OKC this Thursday to babysit our OKC grandkids so I think that will be the opportune time to go by BassPro. I've checked online and they have that particular camera. Hopefully they'll have it in the store too. Just to let you know I'm not going to publish that comment because my husband reads my blog and the comments. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. Thanks bunches!

  2. How cute! I wonder what it was about those eyes that scared you so?

  3. Your silly! Love you anyways---your sis