Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat...

It was a great night for trick or treat!!

The weather was perfect!!!

The grand ones were all dressed up in their own choice of costumes...

Bob had no choice..

We started out in search of the best places for candy.

Smiling faces and doing twirls..

I had a really good time just watching them have so much fun.

I have not missed a year going with them on Halloween night. And neither has Bob.

Bob is getting ready to take a trip.
He'll tell you more about it this week.
Its going to be a loooong trip.
But packed full of FUN!


  1. So cute with their smiles! Such happiness coming from them.
    I'm curious....Did Bob get any treats, too?

  2. What fun to go along with your Grands in their quest for Halloween treats. Looks like Bob had fun too.