Sunday, November 15, 2009

We are back!!!

Whew! We have been on the road for over a week...We had a great time..

Everything went great...

Well there was this one incident.....
Our first stop was at my mother in laws house...Here she is..Doesn't she look nice? She really is!
It was early one morning and I took Bob for a walk down the street. It was so peaceful and quiet. It was so early that most of the folks were still asleep. The blinds were closed in several houses and there was lazy smoke coming from some of the chimneys. I was admiring all the beauty of a crisp clear morning in Pennsylvania.

As Bob and I walked I was thinking what a lovely area to walk with your dog. Suddenly, I saw Bob stop in his tracks. He began to growl. I turned my head to look in the same direction that Bob was. All of a sudden, a LARGE black dog came running from around a house. He headed straight for Bob!! Bob turned and ran up the street, the large black dog right on Bobs heels, growling and barking! The hair on the dogs back was sticking up. I was terrified for Bob.!
I started to run after them. Bob was at a dead run and I just knew he was going to be killed by the mean dog, hit by a car or run so far that I couldn't find him. Of course Bob had no idea where he was, as he was not familiar with the area.
Then from behind me I heard a voice yell out, "Pierre!! Pierre!!!"
I never even looked back.
#1. I was too busy watching Bob.
#2. I didn't want to look at the person who named this wild crazy dog Pierre.
Well to my relief, and Bobs I suppose, Pierre stopped.
Bob never missed a step and ran up the street and straight up the driveway of my mother in laws house. How he knew, I don't know..
So much for a peaceful morning walk.
But we had plenty of wonderful times on our trip. Bob traveled well. He was a big hit no matter where we went.
I have lots to share with you this week and probably next week too!
In the meantime, we are getting back in the groove here.
I missed blogging.


  1. So glad your back! Welcome home! I'll bet the Grands are happy to have you home. I'm sure Bob is sharing his adventures with Marley and Dipstick. Oh, my - the story about Pierre. I can only imagine what that must have been like for you but I couldn't help but laugh at a big, black, ferocious dog being named Pierre. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  2. I am glad your back! We sure missed you at the office. It's just not the same without you!
    I can't believe Bob knew where your mother-in-law's house was, especially running for his life from a freaky little dog named "Pierre". He probably thinks Pennsylvania dogs are mean, and for all he knew "pierre" meant: sic him, in yankee!

  3. Pierre?! What an odd name for a dog.
    I'll bet Bob will remember that name for a very long time!
    Glad you're back!