Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

A happy and healthy family...
Oh and the Pioneers womans new cookbook....
How about you?
Tell me...


  1. Did Santa let you peek at my wish list?
    I want the exact same things.
    I've been looking for her cookbook and it's no where to be found here. Guess I'll have to order it online.

  2. Top of my list is exactly like yours - a happy & healthy family. I'd like to have PWs cookbook but I'd be willing to postpone that if I could have one of those funny looking hats with the ear flaps that I've seen around. Daughter & I are probably going to have to hit Santa up for what you'll read about in my post for tomorrow. PW & I come from the same home town and I can't find her cookbook anywhere! Son said he saw it at one of the Walmarts in OKC or Moore or Norman. I can't remember which one he said.

    PS. So glad you like my Santa and sleigh. I hate to disappoint but they aren't glass - they're acrylic. Daughter gave them to me a few years ago. AD and I would love to have you & Bob come to the Open House but I'm afraid it would be a mighty long drive for you.