Monday, December 28, 2009

A blizzard, a tree and a lesson..

If you have watched the news, you probably know that the Midwest was hit by a blizzard. We had 14 inches of snow and the wind blew...It blew so hard that it knocked over the tower that supplies my Internet at the house. Gone..Done...until the repair people get to it.
My plans for having my family over for our traditional Christmas eve, postponed. The snow came down. The wind blew.
In the midst of the storm Mickey said he knew why he wasn't in the Christmas spirit. It was because we didn't get a live tree this year and decorate it. SO....
We trudged out in the blizzard with virtually zero visibility, and found a tree in our woods and cut it down. So Christmas eve with the storm going on outside we decorated a live tree. (Pictures will follow this week)
The lesson. I will not be wishing for a white Christmas maybe ever again. Nope..I wont..
I'm back to work today and that is good. At least I have Internet here..



  1. It is nice to know it all ended well.
    Well, except for the internet thing. But, like you said, atleast you have access at work.

  2. Being without the internet is a bummer for sure. So glad you have it at work. When I read about you braving the storm to cut down a tree I couldn't help but think of Little House on the Prairie. Not sure they ever had an episode like that but that's what came to mind. I'll bet you had wonderful fun decorating it in your nice warm house while the storm raged outside. Can't wait to see pictures of the tree.