Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas 2007

This was the year of our terrible ice storm..I had the tree half way decorated. Half of the decorations up. And maybe half of my shopping done. Then the lights went out..And they stayed out at my house for 10 days...It was horrible.. When I would go out to get supplies to just stay alive there were other people out shopping for Christmas presents!! Imagine! Then I stopped having a pity party for myself and realized that some areas never lost power. I was in a slump. I was just going to cancel Christmas...but when the workers came that Friday night and turned on our lights and some of the lights I had put on the tree came on, I decided to get on with it! And we had Christmas after all..!! My 3 guys...son, grandson and hubby...

Little Emma with this perfect looking Santa...This was also 2007...

My peoples at my house on Christmas Eve. That is when we are all together...

And you know that Bob is right there too!!!

I would LOVE to have a white Christmas this year but please...skip the ice...

Were you ever in an ice storm? Did you ever go without electricity for 10 days?

Tell me..




  1. Oh yeah, been there!
    But the longest I've been without power was when Hurricane Huge blew through Charlotte, NC. Power was out ALL OVER! Atleast it was warm (Sept) and not cold.

  2. We went through that ice storm and was without power for just a little while. Normally we go to Tulsa for Christmas at my mother-in-laws. But she and my sister-in-law were both without power. So they came to our house instead. That ice storm was tragic. We still see the aftermath of it. So many, many trees were destroyed. Sad.

    The picture of Emma and Santa could be a greeting card!

    I'd love to have snow on Christmas but I'll pass on the ice too.