Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A comedian in the family.

Dylan has had a sense of humor since the beginning....

Hes usually cutting up even when hes supposed to be serious. Here he is with his dad. Look at Emma...I love that kid.

He likes to play tricks and laugh.

He has allergies. He goes to the Dr's every Tuesday for a shot. He always does the same thing. When he is in the room he will yell, "Somebody please help me!!! They are killing me! Help me". But he is not hurt at all...

Once I went over to their house to go along with them to a parade. Some of the floats were coming by their house on the way to line up for the parade. Dylan was looking out the front door and turned and said to us, "Well, that's something you don't see everyday!".

I am thinking one of the things that Santa needs to bring him is a magic set. I think he would enjoy experimenting and performing.
When we had the bonfire this year he chose not to get into the overloaded wagon with the others..It turns out the little wagon tipped over and several of the kids fell one was hurt because after all it was a little bitty wagon and they were going really slow..Dylan turned to me and stated, "See Grandma, I just KNEW it wasn't safe to do that. I always make the right decision!"
That makes me happy to think he wont just "follow the crowd".

My first born grandchild. What a delight he has been!

He is an amazing kid.

Hes a talented kid too. Hes athletic...

My daughter in law picked him up from school last week. He showed her a note he received from a classmate. A girl..Call me with her phone number. He then told his mother to be sure to give it back to him because he had to show the boys at church that night. I think this is all happening too fast for this Grandma...Hes only in first grade.


  1. So cute!
    Sounds like he's gonna be Mr. Popularity.

  2. I hope Dylan's mom or his Grandma is keeping a journal of all the things he says. It would be priceless when he's older!