Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decorate your home!!! Have some fun!!!

Another blast from the past...I'm loving going back in time and digging out these pictures and reflecting on happy memories..

Do you see the pure look of joy on my little brothers face while hes holding those pistols!? I don't think he could have been any happier...It just cracks me up!

There I am again on the left...I never gained an ounce when I was a kid...I saved it all for my 40's, my land. Its kind of interesting how I can see my grandkids in my face in this picture..

Well Bob, should we do some decorating around this place? First off, I just decided to go ahead and put this tree upstairs here on the landing and call it good.

This has nothing to do with Christmas but I just had to show you my blooming african violet....
We have this red bud tree in our yard that I put lights on...

I couldn't resist taking a picture this morning after getting the paper...

As you walk in the front door you will see this little lighted tree on my roll top....This was a gift from my mother in law who has the best taste in decorating EVER!

My front door...

I will share more as the days go on.
Do you just LOVE decorating for Christmas or is it a chore? I have to get in the mood, but once I do, its on!
Tell me.
PS..Mom..Have you got into the holiday mood yet?


  1. I love all your trees and your African violet is lovely. When I opened your post the first thing I saw was the first photo. I actually thought it was Emma on the right, then I saw Yogi and I started reading the post to find out "Emma" was really you. I've decorated a little bit but we're getting down to business tonight. Talk to you soon.

  2. Love that picture of Bob. And that African Violet is beautiful. I have the hardest time keeping those alive.
    I'll have to dig through some of my old photos and get some Christmas from long ago shots to share.
    I have Redbuds in my yard, but they're not in a place that I can decorate them. :(

  3. Oh...and I'm the same as you. I have to get in the mood to decorate, but when I do...look out! tee hee