Monday, December 14, 2009

Every evening routine

I am a creature of habit...

I also have a couple of creatures that are in a habit...

We play the same game each night.

Bob will pick a toy...I will squeak the toy...I will then say.

Get ready...set ......go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I throw the toy..Bob gets it and then brings it back and shakes the toy...then I get the toy or another one and do it again..and again..and again...

Marley, after about a year of being afraid, has finally joined in on the fun...She doesn't pick up the toy but instead will run alongside Bob and bark. She hasn't quite grasped the full idea of playing. But we are making progress.

We certainly have plenty of toys here to pick from.

Ive stopped buying toys now...well pretty much.

Sometimes they are just too cute....

And seriously, when I come home from shopping, Bob looks for me to bring him something. I'm not kidding.

And then its bedtime. Which means a treat for Bob and Marley. Dried bananas..Every night..

What is part of your daily routine?
Tell me.


  1. My husband puts the dogs up on the bed every night. Elliott heads for my husband's pillow because as soon as he lays down Elliott thinks it's his job to clean my husband's face. Dani heads for the foot of the bed. Smoke lays down by my pillow. I come to bed and Smoke looks up at me. He knows he has to move over but he doesn't. I start to get into bed. He growls but not in a mean way. I tell him to move over. He growls some more. Dani runs up from the foot of the bed to see what's going on (like she doesn't know!) I move Smoke's little booty over and finally he moves the rest of his body just enough for me to squeeze in. Then Dani walks up my legs and back whining. She needs to be scratched and I oblige. Finally everyone is settled in for the night. It's a long ritual.

    Your quilts are so pretty!

  2. Cute! Funny how they get used to the routine.
    Stretch is always in the bed before I am. But when I go to bed he comes up to my face and waits to be loved on. Then goes back to the foot of the bed to sleep.