Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A few days being busy

That's what I will be doing..Being busy.. You name it, I'll be doing it..

1. Off work tomorrow..Getting my hair cut and maybe something fun done with it too?
2. Going to a pajama party at the school with the grand ones
3. Shopping
4. Baking
5. Having the grand ones over for an evening
6. Feed mill for goat supplies
7. Chopping wood (Save me!!)
8. Shampoo carpets in house

Getting ready for the Christmas eve festivities...Lots of preparation.

Do you see this little colorful snowman? It turns about 5 or so different colors. Another really cool gift from my mother in law a couple of years ago.

The batteries died a few days after getting it out. I just replaced them. 3 little bitty batteries. Guess how much?
15$!!!! I couldn't believe it!
But it is cute.
How close are you to being ready for Christmas?
I received some really neat cards this year. Do you send cards?
Tell me.


  1. Love your colorful snowman. Those itty bitty batteries will get in the pocketbook every time. Finished 2 gifts I made for Daughter and Son today. Now I have a sewing project to figure out and get made. Several of those to do but after the 1st one it should go pretty quickly. It's the figuring out how to do it that takes the time. We haven't sent Christmas cards in a few years but this year we'll send a few. You'll see a scanned version on my blog in a few days.

  2. Oh, I just saw you comment about the stuffed jalapenos and how you add chicken and green onions to the cream cheese. I'll just have to try that too! BTW - if you read my post about our tree ornaments, did you see the hummingbird ornament by the elf? It came from China. I meant to point it out to you in particular in the post but for some reason didn't type the words. I guess I thought you'd just read my mind. LOL!

  3. Cute snowmen! I just love snowmen.
    No, not completely ready yet. But almost.
    Usually, I am the one who sends out lots of Christmas cards. This year I haven't sent one. I know, shame on me. I just don't have the Christmas spirit like I usually do. Too much stress, I think.