Friday, December 4, 2009

Freezing Friday

It is COLD here...Chilly! I have not turned on our furnace yet, but the wood stove is going full force! My Mom does not like the idea of a wood stove because it does create a mess. I agree it does, but it saves money and I like the warmth of it compared to the furnace. We have propane heat as our main source and it is ultra expensive..

My mother in law gave me these snowmen a year or so ago...I like them..

This was a gift from my co-workers daughter...pretty

Father Christmas...

I have quite a collection of snowmen..I think they are just about my favorite Christmas decoration...I have many boxes to get out yet...Hope to do that this weekend so I have a few weeks to enjoy them. I have been busy lately it seems...

I alway put this strand of garland and lights along the stairway here..

And another picture from the past...I remember that outfit so well..It was actually one piece even tho it looks like a blouse, skirt and vest...

I was probably in 6th grade or so here. Girls were not allowed to wear jeans or slacks to school back then..Some policy they had. Only skirts and dresses. Well for some reason my mother and one of her friends decided that was a stupid rule. So ..we drove clear to Lewistown one night (which was over a hour away) and my mom bought me a pair of pants. Now these werent quiet, indiscreet jeans or dress slacks but a pair of bell bottoms that were off white with multi colored foot prints all over! LOUD! Obnoxious! Crazy!

I got on the school bus the next morning to quiet stares from the other kids. Then the bus stopped at the home of my mothers friend to pick up her daughter Linda. She also got on the bus wearing jeans. By this time the whole bus was in an uproar. "You girls are going to get into trouble!!!!" We acted brave and just laughed it off. Well into the school we marched! It was cold and we were not going to put up with some silly rule about wearing dresses.

I was sitting in my class when the principle came in and pulled the teacher aside. Next thing I knew I was being escorted to the office. Then I was put into another room and before long they brought Linda in too. We were to stay there all day. When the lunch bell rang, we got up to go to the cafeteria. The principle stopped us and marched us right back into the room. She told us that our tray would be brought to us and we were a disgrace to the school and would not be allowed in the hall. So...I went home that night and told my mother what happened. She spoke with the principle. I don't know exactly what was said but I'm sure my mother in no uncertain terms, told the principle what she thought about the statement and keeping us out of class for the day.

The following year, girls were allowed to wear pants. I feel that I was a big part of the change and now, kind of proud for making a stand. I'm such a rebel..;)

Have a good weekend...

Have you ever made a stand for something you believed in?

Tell me.




  1. It is COLD here too! I'm going to have to wear my long johns tonight to the racing banquet. Your Father Christmas is divine. Um - another thing where we're alike - snowmen! I have Santas and angels and a few Nativity scenes but by far the snowmen out number the others. I remember the days of no slacks on girls in school. Actually we could wear slacks UNDER our dresses but whoever would want to do that? My English Lit teacher and I locked horns a couple of times. Once it was a draw but the really important time the teacher had to answer to the principal and others. I'll have to blog about that sometime. Have a wonderful weekend decorating. Gotta get back to mine now.

  2. Love those snowmen!
    We have our heat on, because I don't like cold. We have a fire burning when we are up. Supposed to get real cold next week. I am SO ready for Spring.
    I had a teacher tell me I was getting a paddling one day for something I didn't do. I told him I wasn't. I DID NOT get that paddling. Oh yeah, I stood up for something alright. I'll admit when I do something wrong. But I'll also stand up for myself when I didn't. That started at a very young age. tee hee