Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas...

Just a little photo from a long long time ago...That's me on the left..Then my brother holding Doodle bug (our family dog..sniffle). Then my little brother in the shorts...Then my middle sister..I'm not sure where my baby sister is...? Mom?

I cant wait for Christmas!! I love that I have 3 little grandchildren to enjoy this holiday with!! They are super excited and I am planning our holiday as we speak.
They are coming over tonight and Dil and I are making meatballs and spaghetti and I'm going to let the grand ones help me decorate.
Our tradition is that they come over on Christmas eve afternoon...I make all kinds of snacks and punch and we open gifts and eat and spend time talking and laughing..Then on Christmas day they stay home and have their time together ..
What are your traditions?
Tell me.


  1. Your picture of a Christmas past is wonderful! I'm sure you'll have a super time this evening. Please post about all the decorating that happens. I'll be posting about some of our traditions this month. Stay tuned. . .

  2. Things change so much around here that I can't keep traditions going. I just kinda play it by ear nowadays.