Sunday, December 13, 2009

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good...We had GREAT weather here and Mickey and I were outside all day today..Sunday..We cut wood. Now we have another supply for the upcoming cold days that are ahead. So far this year, I have not turned on my furnace in the house. Saving a dollar these days is on the top of my list. Ive had the wood stove going instead of the furnace..It is messy..Yes it is...but I will live with that ...for now.

Right now I am grilling a couple of chickens outside...Yummy..looks a little odd with chicken on the grill with the Christmas lights...but it was in the 60's here today..

We had a little scare last week with my grandson. The school called that he was running a fever and after my Dil took him to the Dr's he was sent on to the hospital as they suspected appendicitis...He is 7. After a scan they still weren't positive but sent him home with instructions to watch him closely. He is doing ok. Thankfully, it turns out, it must have just been a virus of some sort.

Emma had her first basketball game this weekend...
It was cute...

Emma forgets to dribble..She get the ball..runs..whistles blow..then she remembers to dribble..

Its early in the season tho..I foresee improvement..
Do you have big plans this week?
Is your Christmas shopping finished?
Tell me.


  1. So glad everything is ok with your grandson! Emma looks so cute in her uniform. Our open house was declared a success and now this week I'll be finishing up some special Christmas gifts. Need to get a haircut too - tired of having what I call "Martha Stewart" bangs. Not sure when that will get done though.

  2. Glad all is well with your Grandson!
    Emma looks adorable in her uniform. So funny about her running with the ball. I like watching little ones playing t-ball. That snowman is adorable too.
    No big plans this week. Just trying to get the decorating done and the house cleaned up. Among the million other things that keep getting thrown in my lap. tee hee.
    And no, the shopping isn't done. Add that in to the week stuff to do.