Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pajama day at school

Well on my day off Friday after my hair appointment I rushed home to shower and get to the school to participate in Pajama day....

I met my Dil and Addyson there...Even Addyson had PJ's on!

First I went to the cafeteria where Dylan was having his milk and cookies in his PJ's with his class...I was busy listening to Emmas reading teacher when I heard this voice

He told me he was having fun staying in school all day in pajamas...

Then I walked down to Emmas class room and talked with her teacher. Doesn't she look fun??

The teacher had given each student a bag filled with goodies! Presents, candy and pencils..

Emma was super excited!

It was fun!!!!

I'm lucky to get to see my grandones so often!!!

After that, I headed to Shawnee to finish my shopping...I'll show you more later...

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me.



  1. What a FUN school day your grand ones had! My weekend was filled with finishing my 3 special Christmas projects, trying a new gingerbread cookie recipe (they turned out fantastic!) and church yesterday. Today I'm having lunch with a wonderful friend, then back home to wrap Christmas gifts. I want to try one more cookie recipe today. I'd really like to drive back to my hometown for a special Christmas tour of Frank Phillips mansion this evening. We'll see on that one. Later this week I'll make cookies for a punch and cookie time after our Christmas Eve service.

  2. Yes, you are lucky to get to see the grandones so much. I have five and I'm lucky to see one of them once a week.
    You don't want to hear what I did this weekend. It involved a lot of stamping out of fires. And it had nothing to do with Christmas. That's a whole nuther story. LOL