Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seeking shelter from the storm

I love Bob Dylan.. I do. When I was 16 years old Mickey bought me a Bob Dylan album. Summer time dream.

This picture is certainly not a summer time dream.

But my Bob was seeking shelter here in this picture. I crack myself up sometimes!

Anyway, like I told you earlier this week we had a blizzard here in Oklahoma.
This is what happened to my Internet service. That was from wind. Yes, Oklahoma wind is something to behold.
Mom, help me!!!!

Even my weekend supply of firewood got snow on it!!
And in the middle of the blizzard on Christmas eve my darling husband, Mickey, wanted us to go out in the storm and get a Christmas tree in our woods. I had put up an artificial tree and didn't put on any ornaments. He said that he didn't have the Christmas spirit because we didn't have a REAL tree this year. The artificial tree was upstairs on the landing that really couldn't be seen unless you just happened to look up the stairs..SO...We went out into the blizzard and cut down a tree in our woods!! When we struggled back to our back porch and put the tree in there, I said NO WAY was this tree going in our house! It was covered in ice and needles were falling and well...I didn't feel like putting up the tree and decorating it and taking it down in a week. I just didn't!
Then I thought...You know what? So what? Just do it...Whats the big deal..? He really wants to do this and after all, its Christmas!
So here is the tree when we first brought it in...

Notice all the newspaper on floor? That's because this tree was covered in ice and dripping water for about an hour....Oh well...on we went....
Mickey started putting on the ornaments. I lightened up...We had fun..It was great!!!! The blizzard raged on.
You know sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses.
Yes it was messy. Yes it wasn't something I had planned on doing.
But guess what?
It was wonderful...It was beautiful.. And... it made him happy.
Which...makes me happy.

After all, we are only here for a little while. And you know what? This Charlie Brown tree in the middle of a blizzard in Oklahoma in 2009 is going to be one of my best memories of Mickey and Me. We have many. This one is special.


  1. I had a black & white poster of Bob Dylan hanging over my bed when I was 16. My American Lit teacher & I locked horns a couple of times my Sr year and one of the major disagreements was over Mr Dylan's writing abilities.

    The picture of Bob with the snow on his mouth is just so adorable. It could be a Christmas card with a cute greeting. For that matter so could the last picture of Bob.

    Isn't it amazing how a few ornaments can transform a Charlie Brown tree into one that would rival the big tree in New York City? Yours is so pretty and I love how you caught the reflection in your window.

    Happy New Year!

  2. That tree is lovely. I cannot believe you went out in the blizzard. I am in OK too. We barely poked our noses out the door on Christmas Eve!

  3. In spite of the blizzard your Christmas looked picture perfect! Bob looks adorable and the picture of your tree and the window is amazing!

    Stay warm...we're freezing here in Ohio!