Thursday, January 28, 2010

Riding the storm out

Ok..At work today...watching it ice over. When do I get to go home? I hope at noon. We shall see. I will try to keep you updated on this as time goes on providing we keep electricity.

Whats going on in your part of the world today?

Tell me.




  1. Just a waiting game. It is kinda like waiting for the pot to boil! Be safe getting home Melinda!

  2. The ice hasn't made it this far north yet. I just took some pictures at 10am. I'm planning to document the weather as it moves in.

    Stay safe and stay warm!

  3. Were are getting ice and freezing rain in Guthrie. Power is still on and no school. Whoohoo! I hope you get home soon and that your lights stay on. =)

  4. Im ready to go home but when you work in insurance you kind of have to be here. Im not a good driver in bad weather. Im just not. My car is front wheel drive but in ice I dont think it matters. Im just hoping I get home before the major part hits OKC which is at 2 or 3 I think?

  5. Okay, I hope he lets you out soon, it's after noon, your time.
    Slow and steady there girlio, on the ride home.

    Here it is just down right cold! Windy, so I imagine ole Mother Nature is planning a frozen,just stay home weekend for us here in PA< :)

  6. All is well on Peebly Road. A lull in the storm and ice was not as bad as predicted. Supposed to have plenty of snow throughout the day tomorrow..Not sure if I am working or not, Mom, I am supposed to call at 9 and see. We got a break this time. I would not have liked to see my trees falling down from the weight of the ice like we did in 07.

  7. Well this post was yesterday. Yes, I know I'm late. Sorry!
    But yesterday....I took a picture of a honeybee, working hard here on the farm.
    Today, we are waiting to see if we get any of that snow that's headed our way.
    Talk about change!!

  8. The whole storm passed us by 100 miles. Hope our luck holds out! Stay warm!!!