Monday, January 25, 2010

Trimming goat hooves

I had it all planned out for you... I was going to show you exactly what the process is like ..

I had a very willing participant. She is very familiar with the goat stand.

We (Marrissa and I) spent about two years with this stand. Milking. Everyday. Everyday for two years. And then I realized (for me) that milking and a full time job and a house and a marriage and acreage and spending time with grandchildren didn't work. Something had to give.

So I dried her up. No more goats milk.
Goats milk which is healthy and wonderful..Alas...

But back to the trimming....

I had planned on showing you the whole process of hoof trimming. From getting the goats to getting them to the stand to showing you the before, during and after shots.

But I soon realized that I needed at least 8 arms to do this. And for some reason, I was only born with two. Even with Mickeys help, I was unable to do what I wanted with pictures.

Except here is before..Notice the overgrown hoof. .Please I am not a bad goat Mom...I just don't have a ton of time and worst of all, the energy...

And here is after...Much better...

Now if your goat has a rocky surface to climb on, your goat may not need to have their hooves trimmed as often as mine. This goat is easy to trim. Jumps right up and puts her head where she is supposed to and doesn't give me a hard time. Like I said, she is familiar with the stand and doesn't mind. She knows she is going to have special food. Now the others...Not so easy. They jerk and fight me and kick their legs, etc. It is not easy.
But with the help of Mickey, we did the job. Even the angoras that have to be laid over on their side and held still....Its a job but necessary and you have a feeling of accomplishment when completed. And you know that they feel much better.
Now if I could just have one personal assistant in my life, I would have it made. You know, someone to take the pictures when I am unable, and to take out the garbage, and install electronics. It would be grand. Then I could just cook and play.
What would you wish for?
Tell me.


  1. Great pictures as always. Hoof trimming does sound like a big job especially if the participants aren't as willing as Marrissa.

  2. Love the pictures of your beautiful Saanen! I had a hard time decided between them and my no-ear Lamanchas! I don't think your hooves look too bad... and it's a good reminder that I need to get going on my goaties feet.

    When you get an assistant, let me know where he/she came from... I could use one too! grin

  3. Hmmm....I'd wish for someone to do all that work and let ME take the pictures!