Sunday, January 3, 2010

What country life is REALLY like.

We are getting COLD here in Oklahoma much as the rest of the United States.

I have yet this year to write a check payable to OUR LOCAL PROPANE COMPANY..

You know why?

Because of this....Now, yes that may sound just wonderful to say we are saving money.

And it is wonderful....But it is also HARD WORK.

Made easier by this fantastic invention. This is called a log splitter. No longer does a man have to use a wedge and sledge or axe to split loads of wood. All you do is fire up the engine by a simple pull of the cord, and set your log on there and pull a handle and it splits the wood for you!

This is surely one of the top ten inventions of all time.

You just connect this to the back of your four wheeler and take it where you need to go.

Even tho, what woman doesn't like to see a man in a tee shirt, muscles bulging swinging an axe? Or is it just me?
Anyway, then you end up with this. Nicely split wood perfect for the wood stove. Or stoves in our case.

First of all we have one in our house. So I load up and push it up to our porch...Here I distribute the wood between two racks.

Sometimes I keep the better seasoned or drier wood for me, only because it burns better and I'm the one hauling it here...I get picks..

Then the next load I take into the shop so that Mickey can keep that warm without using the heater which cost LOTS of money...

This stove heats 1500 square foot nicely...

When I built my barn, I wanted a wood stove put in there too. Mickey said it wasn't a good idea but I insisted and he did it for me. Eventually you can wear them down and get your way. Ive heard it may be called "nagging" in some circles. I just call it plain talking.

The barn is not insulated and this wood stove was used once. I read that heating a barn can cause pneumonia.
So the wood stove sits. Cold..

But this is what you will see coming from the house ....And that my friends is a very good thing.

After a couple of hours of loading this up and stacking you will begin to feel it in your muscles. I promise you. Once during a bath room break and applying yet another layer of chap stick, I noticed that Housewives of Orange County was on tv. They were in full make up and getting a pedicure done while they sipped wine. I immediately notice just how much we have in common. WHATEVER! I screamed and threw my chapstick across the yard and got back to work...

Four hours later we were finished. And so was I. But this activity is minus about 700 points if you are doing Weight Watchers. I kid..but it sure ought to be.
This work out keeps me a lean, mean, toned machine. Well not lean and not toned. Ok..just mean...
But where would we be without this handy little device? Something tells me we might be writing checks to the propane company.

What is your hardest chore?
Tell me.


  1. Wow! If I lived like you I'd never have to worry about counting calories!!!!

  2. I love that stove! I hate to say my hardest chore is hauling groceries. I'm a slug...

  3. When we built the house I wanted a fireplace. Our daughter told her dad we needed one too. But he vetoed it. So we pay the propane company but it hasn't been too bad so far, actually less than when we used natural gas in town. Still, he's had second thoughts about not having a fireplace.

    I admire the wood hauling that you do. I'm such a wimp. My hardest chores are the ones done inside the house.

  4. I love my fireplace! But we don't use it enough because it is in the den where my husband spends most of his time. He is hot blooded and can't stand the heat. It would have been much better placed somewhere in the center of the house.
    My hardest chore....building fence. Right now it's to wet and too cold to build. So we are getting a break.