Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom....Dont look!!!!

This is Dipstick...Yes, that is an odd name for a cat, but let me explain. When he was a little kitten, he went under a car or truck at our house, and the tip of his tail was oily. Hence, his name. Dipstick was born in our shop. His mothers name was Biggie. Biggie arrived at our house by my son who came back home to live after being out on his own for a bit. (It happens sometimes) We also inherited a black lab, and a race car that way. But anyway, things happen, like I said previously.
Dipsticks mother, during the process of feeding her little kittens, was bitten by a copperhead. She lived a short while but died. Tragic. Dipstick had a brother named Spot who was bit by a brown recluse spider and there was nothing the vet could do for him. Another tragic occurrence. Its the perils of country life.
Dipstick didn't seem to mind being the only *house* pet. Matter of fact, I think he really enjoyed it. He went in and out and enjoyed life in very pampered style. He had full run of the house and yard and shop and slept in bed. changed. Grandchildren arrived, as did other dogs and a cat and well, a zoo occured. Dipsticks mood changed. He is no longer the sweet loving kitten of by gone days. Hes cranky. He doesn't like kids. He hates Bob and doesn't dare go near the bed because well, its full of other animals now. Hes resigned himself to a life of being jealous and miserable, most of the time...

But then, there are times that he does this...

I love you, please pet me.

And yes Mom that is on the table. The kitchen table...I know what your thinking and yes I know that you would NEVER allow a cat on your table. Never...And it really bothers Mickey too. Hes trying to read the paper for goodness sakes!

And African violets don't like to be touched...or brushed against. They are funny like that.

But the animals seem to rule the roost here.

Do they at your house?

Tell me.



  1. Yes, they do. But then I pick up the feed bowl and the decide to let me think I have control. tee hee

  2. Our animals definitely rule the roost around here.

  3. Oh no! You too? We um *cough*.. we *ahem* let out cats *cough cough* up on the table too.

    I remember there was a time that didn't happen. I'm not sure when I lost control. But I have. Lost. Lost all control.

    Toe the English Cocker lays in my lap and Punkin the orange tabby lays on the paper while I'm trying to read it. Bequia, the cattle dog, is nosing my other hand... and Mojo cat is in his cardboard box ON the kitchen table where it remains just for him... and there is lots more... hair abounds at our place... why dust?

    Resistance is futile.

  4. Melinda, I read your comment on Mollie Jo and Bobo's blog today. Wanted you to know that my husband has a cousin that lives in their city. The cousin works for one of the news channels and he and his wife are big-time dog lovers. I passed the comments onto him. My thinking was it might be something a reporter could/should look into.

  5. Melinda, I've passed the Sunshine Award onto you. Please visit my blog for the details.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Or are you preparing taxes this weekend? LOL