Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oklahomas Most Inspiring Couples

In the day to day duties of my job, I get to talk to lots of people..All sorts of people..And over the course of 18+ years in the same insurance office in the same small town, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. Ive been lucky that way.

I have been around long enough that in some cases Ive sent out a card congratulating one of our policyholders on the birth of their child, to having that same child come in to tell me they just got their license! Its then that I realize that when people say that time flies, believe them, because it does!

But I have to admit that I have my favorites...The people that make my day. The people that when I look up from a stack of gloomy papers, they just brighten up the room with their smiles. Good people..

Like this couple....

Bill and Shirley...Now you have to admit that they are just about the cutest couple ever! They match..completely...And you want to know something else? Its absolutely genuine...Its the kind of love that dreams are made of. A complete respect for one another. Its something to see..

When I first came to Oklahoma, I would see this man riding his horse around town nearly everyday. He was a real cowboy. He was volunteering his time to the sheriffs department. And he did it all on horseback.

It appears that Oklahoma has "The Oklahoma Marriage Initiative" program. Its a statewide effort to improve the well-being of children by strengthening marriages. If you want to know more about this please go to

Well this program issues a calendar of Oklahoma's most inspiring couples...

And my favorite people are in the 2010 calendar.

"Love's passion is wonderful, but it's just as important that you really like and respect the person you are about to make a lifetime commitment to..Couples should ask themselves: Would I be friends with this person even if we weren't in love?"

Shirley comes into our office often. We have developed a friendship over the years, one that I treasure. She is a ray of sunshine. So pretty and vivacious.

What I can attest to is when Bill has been in our office to make a payment, or a change on his policy or just to visit, we will inevitably talk about his wife. This tall cowboy, who you know is as tough as they come, will tear up every time he speaks of her. His admiration for his wife shows in his eyes. Every time. To me, there is nothing sweeter than this in a man.

Note from Shirley...She gave this to me in my copy of the calendar...

And here .....Please read this...

This is about Sunny....This is about their miniature therapy horse..

I have been meaning to get over to their place and take some pictures of Sunny and blogg about him. I just know that you ALL will be thrilled with him!!! He is absolutely adorable and a wonder. He means the world to the McConnells and to a lot of other people that he has helped. And I promise that when the weather gets warmer, I will get over there and get those pictures for all of you to see! You will be amazed..

Shirley has written a book about Sunny titled Sundays Promise. I had the honor of reading it. She is probably going to have the book published. It is a delight to read.

Congratulations my friends....

You are truly Best Friends....And so deserving of this honor of being one of Oklahomas Most Inspiring Couples. You have truly been an inspiration to me in so many ways.

Thank you for being so wonderful and sharing with your community the gift of you and the gift of Sunny...




  1. What a touching tribute!

    Thanks for stopping by Country Captures and taking time to comment. I popped over here to welcome you and found your tribute to the McConnells; how ironic, a small town near my home is McConnellsburg!

  2. They are too adorable! Lucky you for knowing them.

  3. This post alone is enough to inspire couples to seek happiness together.
    Congratulations, Shirley and Bill!

  4. Today's young couples could sure learn a thing or two or three about relationships and marriage from the McConnells. What special friends you have. Your tribute to them is so touching and I enjoyed reading it very much.