Thursday, February 18, 2010

This weekend....

This weekend will consist of me doing our taxes. It will take me this entire weekend to do it...

I am dreading this...I don't look forward to it at all. Matter of fact, I would rather eat a bucket of earthworms than do this. Its that bad for me.

But it must be done...Someone has to do it and I guess that someone is me.

But if I get to take a nap I hope to dream about spring..

When the hummingbirds return...

When I can ride my bike....

When the grand ones can romp and frolic outside with me..

When we can go to the lake fishing and camping...

When I get to go back *home* and see my Nanny and my family and sleep in my old room and in my old bed....

And be with all my *peoples* once more..

In the meantime, grown up things must be done....


What are you doing this weekend? Is there something else you would rather do?

Tell me.



  1. Not sure what we're doing this weekend but it won't be working on taxes.

    You have my deepest sympathy with the horrible task ahead of you. You see, I have a HUGE mental block about doing taxes (long story). I don't mind gathering all the information together that we need - and I do, do that part - but that's as far as it goes. Someone else has to do it whether it's my husband or our financial advisor. Doesn't matter to me as long as it's NOT ME! Honestly, even if we had to pay the IRS more and pay someone to figure them on top of that, I'd do it.

    Mickey needs to take you out for a fabulously good time BEFORE you sit down to do the taxes and then again AFTER they're done.

    You'd rather eat a bucket of worms, I'd rather dust everyone's house in the US top to bottom and you may remember how I feel about dusting.

    Have as good a weekend as possible. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. The weather is beautiful here this weekend. But today we've already made plans to take Boo to the movies. So I'm stuck inside.
    Taxes?! I am fighting it. Maybe next weekend.....