Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day on Peebly

Happy Valentines Day!!!

What a busy weekend I have had...Between a long work week, girls basketball, boys basketball, birthday party, hauling wood, whew!! I'm exhausted. Actually, so tired, I slept this morning until 11 am. Is that normal? Anyway, sometimes you just have to say STOP...

Hope you are having a great day with your Valentine..

Here is what I woke up to on this crisp, sunny day in Oklahoma...

Bob never forgets a holiday...

I love that dog...

Now the cats on the other hand are a tad bit different in their sentiment...

So independent and at times ungrateful furry creatures...

But Mickey is the best!!!!

How sweet is that?

And me....Well, you would just have to live with me to understand...

And there you go!

How is you day going?

Tell me.




  1. How lucky are you, to get all those!
    Been one of those lazy weekend days around here. It's nice.

  2. Love your cards, especially the one from Bob. Our kids - with the help of AD - got me a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day from someone who loves you very much!" open the card to read, ". . . as you may have noticed EVERY TIME your come through the door and I (we) act like I (we) haven't seen you in years. Love, the Dogs" Elliott, Smoke, Dani and Mikey

    We have pretty special fur kids, huh?