Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What dreams are made of ....right now...

Ok old man winter...I give...

You have proven that you are strong. I suppose a bit stronger than I.

The romance of a fire burning in the stove in the living room has worn off. Matter of fact, its been awhile. I'm dreaming of other things at this point.

I'm sorry winter. You can go now...Ive got other things to do.
There are flowers to plant...and hummingbirds that need to come back.

There are fishing trips I would like to take.....In warm weather, please.

Mickey and I love to go camping...And we would prefer it not be snowing when we do.

I would like to go to my Uncle Franks 3rd Annual reunion.. Its this summer..Hear that winter? Its in the SUMMER...

I would like to see the green green grass of home..

I would like to see my crazy grandchildren ride bikes down this road again.

As well as have a fire going outside to toast marshmallows.

And what about our red bud tree? Its wanting to put on its spectacular spring show!!!!

Like I said.
Its been real, kind of fun, but don't you realize,
I am DONE...
Hurry up spring!
Are you ready?
Tell me.


  1. Yes, I am!!!
    And you know what I am more tired of? Mother Nature teasing me with the spring like days!

  2. I am SO ready for Spring! Unfortunately the weatherman says we're in for a little more snow.

    That is some marshmallow stick Emma is holding! Someone once told me Red Bud trees require a lot of shady trees around them. Is that true?