Monday, February 22, 2010

Why ask why...

Sometimes you just have to wonder...


Why do I use a tomato cage for a hay holder for the goats?

Why do I have a dog that likes to roll in dead dry grass and get it all over him?

And do it again and again...until.....

Until his hair looks like this...

Why do I think saving this dog was a blessing to me as well as her?

Even with all the puppy mill problems that still need to be worked out? Why is she so sweet and loving and I wouldn't give her up for anything??

Why did my brother go bald????

Why do two people meet and end up together for years and years.? And in my eyes he still looks the same?

Why do dogs walk into your life? From nowhere? And end up being so special there are no words?

Why did my mother decide to wear pop plastic beads for a school picture and it turned out beautiful like this?

Why did my Uncle Frank decide to start reading my blog? (I hear its true, I'm even in his *favorites*)

Why did this photographer decide to capture this particular expression of my dad? One that was truly him?

Why does this picture of two of my grandchildren with my very own grandmother always make me cry?

As does this of her sitting on a chair in her own yard... Just thinking..Just being...with me.

And why will this picture of Emma at my Grandmas table always be my favorite...ever....

Why did I choose a dog this big????

Somethings are just a mystery I'm afraid..




  1. What a great idea for a hay holder!
    I remember pop beads - I wonder if they still make them?
    So glad your Uncle Frank is reading your blog.
    The photos of your dad and grandmother are wonderful!

  2. I loved the picture of the grass in your dog's hair close up... hilarious!

  3. Mostly because you are YOU.
    And we wouldn't have it any other way!!
    Cute post!!