Friday, March 19, 2010

Burgers, Blizzard, Bob and more.

Ok...Heres the deal...I cant make this stuff up...Currently its going to be 70 degrees and sunny in Oklahoma.. Tomorrow, Saturday March 20th 2010, we are supposed to have a blizzard! Possibly 10 inches or more of snow...Seriously. That's Oklahoma weather for you.

I tried to break the news to all my easily as I could..

Seriously, the snow will be THIS deep!! No don't butt me, its true!!! Stop that!!!

But Mr Dink responded, " I don't care, I have all this hair! I will be warm."

And then he gave me a kiss...Hes like that..Unfortunately, he does NOT have puppy breath..

The girls think he is silly...and he is..

Even the chickens think he is over the top.

I decided to make the most of the 70 degree weather and made a drink of Sprite and added my new fruity ice cubes...Neat little invention that doesn't water down your soda. Add some fresh lime and you have a near summertime drink. Then its time to grill some burgers!!!

Heres what I used....

Heres what I did...

A little this, and a little that. Now what I like to do is NOT blend this together and mash the meat too much. I like to make it loose. Works better in my opinion.

Then I take a spoon and gently make a little crater in the middle..

Then I fill it with crumbled bleu cheese.

Then seal them back up and grill them ...Then I top them with another type of cheese...This time we used pepper jack..Just because.

Wont you all be happy to know that I made an eye appointment for next week to get new glasses???!!!! My pics have been so blurry lately..Just like my vision...anyway..

So we enjoyed our summer type dinner before the blizzard meal...Which explains why I cant loose any weight...

Well and this too...

Marley likes to just watch from afar as I make dinners. She is content to do this. I think its actually in hopes she gets a bite now and then.

One thing I am not, is a dog groomer. But sometimes I do pretend to be one...And this is what you get. Bob is very forgiving tho. I love him.

So the little bits of spring I found will be covered with snow tomorrow...

And so it is....
What will you do this weekend?
Tell me.


  1. Would have loved to have had some grilled burgers before the snow hits but too much is going on right now. We had plans to go racing this weekend but we just got word that the races have officially been postponed until next weekend.

    We are having something installed in the house today that we're pretty excited about. If everything goes as planned you'll see a post about it next week.

    Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  2. Oh no! Bob's naked. And there's a blizzard coming! Well there was. I hope he didn't get too cold.