Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking back

I was just thinking about our trip to Pennsylvania last fall. We really did have a great time...

Wouldn't you just love to live here? This is where Mickeys sister lives...If you have read my blog for any length of time, I'm sure you have seen this before...but if you havent then enjoy. Its a wonderful place to live..

Bob thought it was great...Because there were all kinds of animals there..

And a little boy...

Casey...Extremely photogenic...I couldn't get enough..

Seriously, this dog should go to Hollywood.

I could see Casey in a movie.

And she has a horse...

And of course, Penelope..

This is a picture of my goat dinky at my sister in laws house..She loves us... As we do her. It was a nice comfortable visit..I want to go back..Like NOW!

What do you miss?

Tell me.




  1. I know you miss your family and your home state but it will be all the sweeter the next time you get to visit. That's a great photo of your goat. About that little sheep sitting on the window ledge by Dinky's picture. I have 3 that match it perfectly. You'll see them in one of my posts next week. Wishing you a wonderful Spring weekend!

  2. My childhood. When life was so much easier. Still had parents, grandparents and my brother.
    Yep, right this moment, I miss my childhood.