Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mickeys hobby

Well did you guess what his hobby is?

I bet you did.

Its shooting. He loves it. He built a shooting range here. Lets have a look at it..

He made a shooting bench and seat...

He used the excavating equipment to build mounds so that the bullets would stop there. Did you know old bowling pins were fun to shoot? They are..

He actually has a couple of mounds for different distances..

And a line for stringing up water balloons, which is actually my favorite..

And also old military ammo boxes for holding things and keeping those things out of the weather...

He also has an old smoker (grill) down there for cooking burgers when the fellas hang out for an afternoon...

He made these tubes to hold the paper targets...Mickey can build or make anything, I swear.

Me...Im still marveling in the wonders of moss...I just love moss...I love everything about moss..Always have.

He prides himself on being a good shot...and he also has a competitive nature...

Sometimes I go shoot just to show him how good I am....And of course, I also have a competitive nature about myself...So we have fun with it..
He put a lot of work into this little area....

Its just all part of what makes our place "ours"...

What is your hobby?

Tell me.




  1. Where do I start? I have way too many interests to list.
    He sounds like he's just as handy as my Captain. This is a good thing! :)

  2. My hobby of choice is scrapbooking. My husband likes to tinker and fix things. Just a few minutes ago he took me on a ride in a golf cart he bought at an auction and fixed up. He plans on using it at the race track this season - not to race but to tool around the pits.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oops! I forgot to say I think shooting at water filled balloons would be way fun. Do you have a place to fill them at the shooting range or do you have to fill them at the house and haul them down there?