Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Office

Well our office. Here at State Farm..Where I spend most of my time. Days without end. Weeks without number..Slaving away the precious hours of a day..
With people like Rachel....Our face at the door. The greeter that welcomes you in. The one that makes you comfortable. Gets you a cup of coffee or a coke.

Shes very accommodating..Sweet voice. Gentle manner..

Next you have Linda. Very informative. Big laugh. Easy to get along with. Reliable.

Then you have Greg.. The actual agent. Dedicated. On your side. Committed.

A real professional and a smart dresser.

He has a pretty cool office...

Hes a baseball fanatic.

And my space looks like this. Something like a mess. Usually..

With weird things....

Like Sonny and Chair...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

All in all, its a pretty neat office..

We have fun here. We get a lot done here. We love our people and our people love us.

After all we are the *Good Neigh bears*.

In this wild and crazy world we are a reliable place to come to.

Besides, I get to decorate my walls as I wish..

A little of this.

And a little of that.

Its what makes us what we are..

If you are ever in town, stop in and say Hello!



  1. Thanks for the tour around your office. That Coke machine is so cool! Does it work? Your Sunny and Chair made me laugh out loud and even snort a couple of times. Do you happen to know Kathy Swanson, one of the State Farm agents in Bartlesville? She has taken care of our insurance needs for many years.

  2. No I dont know her. But Im happy that you are State Farm insured...:) Ive been here for almost 19 years now

  3. Great place to do business! I guess we've been doing business there about as long as you've been working there!