Monday, March 15, 2010

Ramons Brownie Calendar

This calendar has been in my life always...always...

The local community store in the small town where I grew up, gives these to the patrons.

My Mom gets me one and mails it to me....It is the best calendar ever!!!

From the morning star dates...

To the Zodiac signs...

To all the information you will ever need for planting and gardening...

I get so excited each year when I open the big envelope from my Mom because I know this is going to be in it!!!! It makes my day.. Thank you Mommy...

I went looking for spring..It was trying its best to be quiet and still...

But I found it anyway...
Worked on taxes all weekend..My neck hurts..What did you do? Tell me.


  1. Your calendar reminds me of the Farmer's Almanac.

    Saturday we went to the Home & Garden show in Tulsa. Bought a couple of cute things for a garden I'd like to have in the backyard. Didn't find a fountain though. My husband may have to build one after all.

    Went to see "Blind Side" yesterday after church. Excellent movie!

    I can hear frogs are croaking down by the creek. We're gonna really enjoy Spring this year!

  2. I bet it even has the best fishing days too!

  3. Well, I'd rather not talk about it.
    I have an Old Farmer's Almanac gardening calendar. I found one last year and I had to have another this year.