Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strep throat

Do you know whats bad about wacky weather? People get sick...And I sure don't like it, especially, when my little grand ones are under the weather...

We have big plans this weekend.

Soccer, a movie and a circus....

Big doings....

But Emma is sick with strep throat...

So we still have a few days before the weekend, so lets hope for speedy recovery..

Cause smiles are whats on order.....

No time for sniffles and fevers....Please...Go away...Along with the winter snows...

Get well Miss Emma...really fast!!!

How have you been holding up this season?

Tell me.



  1. I so hope Emma is all better by the weekend and those nasty old bugs don't attack anyone else.

  2. Me? So far so good. And I hope it stays that way.
    I hope the little one is getting better quickly!