Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The walnut tree

It sounds like the east coast has been hit hard with snow this winter, then again with rain recently. That has made the ground very soft. It appears that there have been instances where trees have come uprooted because the ground is just saturated. Do you want to know how I know this is absolutely true?

I called my Grandma Saturday. She said she was in her bathroom that morning and heard a loud thump..She said she assumed it was her cat jumping around..

Do you see that short white pipe on her roof? The one that is about a foot or so tall? That is where her bathroom is....

Do you see this tree? It is a walnut tree. BIG. It has been there for many many years. As kids we used to crack the walnuts for hours and hours.

Back when my brothers and sister and I looked something like this..I have since acquired my front teeth and let the bangs grow and my brother beside me lost the hair he had. It was a long time ago.. back when my sister had blue eyes and blond hair and was super cute. Kinda like she still is. AND my little brother looks like he cant sit still long enough for a picture, kinda like he still is..

Anyway the ground was super wet and wind blew that walnut tree down. Right across this cave. Just feet away from the house...where my grandmother resides.

You can see from this angle how tall that tree was.

It makes me crazy to think that this happened...But it makes me feel so blessed that it didn't hit the house and my grandmother is ok..

Please God, don't let those pines fall...whatever you do.



  1. God was (and is) certainly in control of that situation. So scary though!

    Great photo of you and your siblings.

  2. I love that picture most of all of us as kids..I think, Mom! correct me if wrong, that the photographer came to the house? and that we were sitting on an ironing board..I could be wrong..

  3. Right where she was standing!!!
    I think she had a guardian angel pushing that tree away from the house. Yay!!