Friday, April 23, 2010


My boss took us out this week for Administrative Professionals Day.

We drove downtown and had lunch at a restaurant called "1492"...

Its located in Midtown near some old land marks.

We like to try different things. This is what my boss had for lunch. Don't you love the shirt? Looks like we are eating with Charlie Sheen.

Traditional Cuban pork shoulder marinated in
our mojo wet rub stuffed with guava shells, dried
prunes, bacon and ham, then basted in our brown
sugar malta. Served with coconut rice and black beans
and plantains.

This is what I decided to have. Very pretty.

Al dente grilled poblano pepper stuffed with
chopped shrimp, zucchini, squash and
Monterey jack cheese. Served over our Cilantro
Queso (El Jefe Style) and topped with marinated
carne asada skirt steak. Served with charro
beans and rice

Then, typically, we will go cruising around the city.

Just taking a couple of hours to see whats happening.

And all the busy building that is going on.
There is plenty to see and do in OKC.
And just in case you didn't know, we have a NBA team. That's right. The Thunder. And do you know what else? We beat " The Lakers" last night. We play them again this Saturday night.Go Thunder!!!!
Have you tried any different foods lately?
Tell me.


  1. Okay, I have never even seen food like you described. Is it because they don't have that kind of stuff on the east coast? Maybe it's because I don't get out much. Probably so.

  2. Your boss's shirt is very Charlie Sheen-ish. Of the two meals shown, I think I would have gone with yours although both look pretty good. There's really not much chance of us finding any really different food around here. I am going to have lunch with one of my friends tomorrow and I'll probably have a muffaletta (sp?). I LOVE those sandwiches but hardly ever go anywhere that has them. Then we're off to a 'kitchen tour' of several homes in Bartlesville. It's an annual fund raiser for one of the service organizations in Bville. It's not usually just the kitchens that are toured but the whole homes. Wish I could take pictures but it's kind of a no-no that I found out the hard way. Have a great weekend!