Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Best of Intentions

I was deep cleaning the office at my house. This particular room gets neglected. But in the midst of my cleaning spree, I ran across a folder of pictures I brought home from my trip back to Pennsylvania last year.

This is a picture of my great-grandmother. Laura. I just love that name. If I would have had a little girl, her name was going to be Laura...
Laura was my grandmothers mother. She died at 38 years old. Cancer. This was back before routine pap tests. Please, dont skip yours. Laura was much too young to die.

This is my great great grandmother to the left with the glasses. That little baby is me and my grandmother is holding me. I would imagine my mother took this picture. Those two big smiles in the back are my grandmothers sisters...Grace and Stella. Two more lovely names.

Ok...Now who wouldn't be happy to run across this little snap shot. See my brother there on the left? Why is he shivering? The rest of us look perfectly warm and comfortable.

Then my little brother there with the plaid shirt? This guy who looks like a little angel, well, was not. He was hyper-active. This was back before the whole thing was understood and they tried lots of different methods with the little guy. The doctors did try medication but my mother wasn't too keen on the whole thing. He was very "trying". He would be gone in a flash if you turned your back. There have been several occasions I can think of.
1. He had a cast on his leg and was still in a diaper but managed to crawl up a dirt gravel driveway to get away. The diaper was in shreds by the time my mother got to him. I'm telling you, you only had to turn away for a minute. And the reason a little boy like that had a broken leg? It was us older kids. We pretended we were fish jumping into the ocean. But the fact is we were standing on a large wooden porch and jumping onto the ground about 4 feet down. Hench the broken leg.
2. The whole neighborhood was looking for a lost little boy. Flashlights and tears were everywhere. He was later found back in my moms closet in a box. Sleeping.
3. He went missing at my grandmothers house. We searched everywhere. He was found hours later inside the old gun cabinet. Covered up and sleeping. Nearly smothered to death.
4. The most disturbing time of all was the time he went running out onto the highway and up the middle of the road. Laughing and running. My mother frantically behind him running as fast as she could and crying and screaming at him to stop. A car was cresting the hill and the woman who was driving managed somehow to get stopped in time. She was inconsolable. This incident just about put my mom over the edge.
This picture reminds me of a lot.
See my cute little sister there in the dress? Did you notice the braces on her legs? These braces caused quite a bit of distress in the family also. My little brother also had to wear them, but my sister was the one that bucked the system. I actually think she used to hide them so she wouldn't have to wear them. The doctor thought they both had crooked legs and walked pigeon toed. What a challenge again for my mother.

Here is my grandmother again with me latched to her hip as usual. Me with my brother. We were and still are VERY close.

And finally, here we are again. I swear I can still remember that little sweater. This is about the age where my brother used to eat the soles of his shoes. No kidding.

Yes, I had great intentions of cleaning and organizing and getting something done. Just about all I managed was a long trip back in time.


  1. I must say I think your younger brother must have been the original 'Dennis the Menace'. While I know it wasn't a bit funny during any of his escapades, I sure got a lot of laughs today reading about them.

    Your photos are priceless treasures. I'm so glad you have them and that you shared them and some of your memories today.

  2. What a wonderful little box of memories you found!
    Who cares about cleaning? It can wait!