Friday, April 30, 2010

Bridal bush and the weekend

Theres a spot behind my house that I like best....

If you peer around the red maple you will see this big splash of white!!

Two lovely bridal bushes that I planted several years ago...I LOVE them!!!

They flower in the spring and then are just green the rest of the summer..

Ever seen one close up?

Aunt Gayle..Please tell me what this plant is. I forget the name, even tho I bought the plant two years ago. I know that it is an old fashioned type plant and it was not cheap! Help me with the name..

This weekend my intention is to get my hands in the dirt...I have two flowering dogwoods (white) to get planted and all my tomato's too..and all my flowers, and well..everything!!!!

And get this thing trimmed...Can you believe that hair???????Hope my clippers hold up!!!

What are you doing?

Tell me.



  1. Homework! Almost done though. Just one week and I'm off for two. Yay!
    I love that bridal bush. Didn't know what it was called. There is one down the road from me that is blooming profusely. Thanks for letting me know what it is! Now, to find one to plant on the farm.

  2. A peony. Looks like red or dark pink. My grandmother had them. Your Bridal bushes are beautiful!

  3. Your trees and plants are all so beautiful. There should be scent-o-blogs! That last picture of Bob made me laugh out loud!