Thursday, April 29, 2010

The difference between men and women.

While women garden or shop or play with the animals and things like that, men on the other hand, are doing different things.

Sometimes very important things...

Sometimes, maybe not.

Well at least that's what I think...Heres an example. This is Mickeys friend, Steve. He came over to show off his homemade invention..

What he is putting into the end of that PVC pipe is a potato...

I mean he is really putting it into the pipe...

This must not be an easy feat,as it is taking two of them to get the job done.

Then after potato is inserted you squirt some brake cleaner or something or other into the pipe.

Oh yeah, brake pad cleaner or engine starting fluid. At this point I realize that perhaps this may not be safe. Or legal.. I don't know.

Then after you squirt that in there, you quickly screw on the end cap.

Then I'm not sure what you do but you make a spark and the potato goes flying..

There she blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This contraption can launch a potato quite a ways. Far as the eye can see.

Then...when men tire of things like that, they can always go in search of buried treasure...
Hoping for something valuable but mostly just things like this...

Or they can show you their tattoos..This is Steves deer. He is quite the hunter..

Anywhoo, I will go on with my own business...very important woman things...

Like teaching my dog not to eat grass....or things like that..


  1. Oh yeah, a potato gun. The guys have them here in SC, too.
    They are entertained by the simple things in life like hunting for buried treasure and tatoos. tee hee
    Bob needs some bibbed overhauls to go with that piece of grass he's chewing on. So cute!

  2. A potato gun, huh? I saw some marshmallow guns made out of pvc on Etsy. I thought that would be a fun gun to have. I wouldn't mind being hit by a marshmallow but I'm not sure about a potato. Did Bob have a tummy ache?