Monday, April 12, 2010

The Goat Lady part 2

So.....continuing with the story.

I had two little goats and things were going well. Well, for a few days that is. In my ignorance about all things farming, I was not prepared for what was to happen.

I went out to check on my little goats before work one morning. As I walked down to where they lived, I wasn't greeted with their normal little bleating sounds. Goats will call to you. Each and every time they see you. They love you that much. And they want to make it clear that if you happen to have any treats, they are still hungry. Always.

That morning I walked into the little fenced area I had for them, and I found them both laying in the grass. Dogs or coyotes had killed them. I'm going to guess that it was probably dogs because the coyotes probably would have taken them off somewhere or ate them and they weren't injured in that way. Probably just a single bite. I don't know. I was devastated..I cried. And then I cried some more.

How could this have happened, I asked myself? That question was simple. I had not been equipped for caring for goats. The shelter I had was inadequate. The fencing even worse. Just some panels I had put together and called it good. I was thinking about keeping them in, not keeping anything else out. It never crossed my mind. I was ignorant.

A few weeks later, the Goat Lady walked into my office. I didn't recognize her at first because she had a large hat on and also sunglasses. She sat down at my desk and asked about the goat. I was surprised and wasn't expecting this. I blurted out something along the lines of the goat was killed. She asked how. Dogs I guess? And with that she got up from the chair and walked out of the office. I could tell she was upset and so was I. I was upset that I was so blunt. I was upset that I didn't explain how bad I felt about it. I did care! I loved the goat. I was upset that I hurt her feelings and that she thought I was just someone that was so insensitive about a tragedy like this or toward her feelings. But I didn't have enough nerve to call and explain this to her. I just didn't.

Some time passed, and I was still determined to have goats. I read and researched and took out a loan at the bank and built a barn. A very nice barn. Mickey then built me a fence. Not just any fence, but a strong fence that would keep in an elephant! Now, all this was done with one stipulation on Mickeys part. And that stipulation was no goats until I talked with the Goat Lady. She knew everything about goats!

Finally one day I worked up the nerve to call. You don't know how hard that phone call was. And when I say this, I don't want you to picture someone that is unapproachable. She is not. She is a warm person. She is a great person! But I was going to be calling someone that detests animals being hurt and I had allowed one to die!


Hello, this is Melinda. You may not remember me but I'm the one that works in the insurance office that got a goat from you.

Oh yes, I DO remember you.

Well, first I wanted to say I'm sorry and I also wanted your advice and help.

At first I wasnt sure how she was going to receive my call. She told me I had guts to call.

I never breathed a word as to how untrue that was. I just apologized and she told me the one thing for sure I didn't do right....And that was to have a LGD. A livestock guardian dog.

She told me I could have the grandest barn in the land and fence to match but she would not do business with me until I had a dog....

She was right....

More later...




  1. I can only imagine how upset you were to lose your first two goats. I've not heard of a LGD before. Very interesting. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Oh how awful - I lost one of my first goats and oh man, I cried and cried like a baby! My goat Spot is 9 this year and I worry what it will be like when she goes... she is healthy and everything but you just never know and she's getting older... cringe.

    We don't have a LGD.. but we have 7 strand electric fence for a perimeter fence, 3 regular dogs that bark and pee on everything... and the goats are close to the house in another fenced pen.

    I've always thought about a LGD but didn't think our place was big enough for one to really do it's job. Only 5 acres... I'm reading the next installment!!! grin

  3. So sorry about the goats.
    Such a hard way to learn.
    Occasionally we have critters show up here and give our horses a hard time.
    Why do they always show up at night? If it were during the day they would be met with Butch. A 9mm that shows no mercy. Or a shotgun, whichever is handy. I'm not about hurting any animal, but I am about protecting my own!