Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Goat Lady part 3


So when "The Goat Lady" told me I had to have a LGD, Livestock Guardian Dog, I began my research on that. I read the Great Pyrenees is an excellent guardian. http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/greatpyrenees.htm I found a Pyr rescue close by and went over to have a look. They had this one.


She was from Kansas and they had found her in a shelter there. She had evidently been terribly abused and afraid of her own shadow. She was in an enclosed pen when I visited and I could pet her but she kept her eyes right on my face the whole time. When the gate was opened she would escape in a heartbeat. She would not come when called. She was a mess. And of course, I wanted her. I'm sure there is a reason I go for these extreme cases, and as soon as I figure that out, I'll let you in on it...
In the meantime, Mickey and I were working like mad to finish the fencing project..I want to tell you also that this was in August. Yes August, in Oklahoma. We were hand digging the post holes. No tractor or auger. No, of course not. It was rough!

So finally on a Sunday afternoon, the fence was almost finished. The rescue had been keeping Delilah there for me for a few weeks until I was ready. I rushed over and picked her up and brought her "home".
A couple of evenings later, my friend, "the Goat Lady", brought over my two little goats. Beautiful white saanens. http://nationalsaanenbreeders.com/ The barn was all ready..Spotless.. Beautiful..The hay racks will filled with the greenest alfalfa ever. Delilah was there and ready to settle into her "job". This is what she was born to do...All she needed was someone to understand she was a tad different and let her do her thing. It was wonderful..
Little by little I increased my group. My friend called because she had a little angora that was a "dink" and wouldn't survive in the big goat world. I went and picked him up and he rode home with me in a box. He grew up of course..

And then she had another little angora girl that needed some extra attention and Reta came to live here too.

So eventually I got another LGD from her. An Anatolian Shepard. http://www.akc.org/breeds/anatolian_shepherd_dog/
Now this is a BIG dog. The biggest dog I have ever been around, for sure! We had a little girl at our house at Easter and when we went down to the barn she exclaimed, "Look how big that dog is.! Is that normal?!!".

So now at this point I have 5 goats and two dogs. A little over protected some may say, but Ive seen what can happen. A coyote would have to be off his rocker to come close to this little pasture.

These girls are safe and sound.

They have no fear.

Its a smooth running operation. The dogs do their job and the goats get to romp and frolic leisurely..just as it was intended.

There have been up and downs in all this. I have been over to my friends house a lot of times to help with shearing and trimming hooves and milking when shes away. She has been to my place many times to shear and help trim and rush over in my "emergencies". She has taught me a lot!
I finally have my little hobby farm.
I have two great guardian dogs.
And in the process of it all, Ive learned a lot. There's a lot to know.
And also, I made a good friend. "The goat lady"


  1. I'd never even heard of a Livestock Guardian Dog - how interesting!

  2. What a nice story with a happy ending! Oh I bet your adventures beginning your hobby farm were much like ours.

    We got a call from a neighbor wanting to borrow one of our tools for a change! You begin to accumulate what you need but in the beginning? Ack - it's pretty dismal and you never have the right tools and always end up doing things the hardest way possible!

    Lovely dogs! Lovely goats!

  3. So very interesting. Delilah is one lucky girl too to have been adopted by you.