Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Goat Lady

I bought this book last week for my friend.

Teachers' Choices, 2005 - International Reading Association ASPCA Henry Bergh Children's Book Award, 2004, Humane Heroes "THE GOAT LADY tells the true story of a loving, kind, and generous woman who not only helped her neighbors, but also Heifer International. By giving us her extra baby goats, she helped us 'pass on the gift' to people in need. Heifer International has helped millions of people in over 70 countries over the years thanks to people like the Goat Lady who found a way to help those less fortunate than herself." -Jim De Vries, Heifer International

The pages are filled with lovely pictures.

This is about a woman that began milking goats because she had arthritis and the milk helped alleviate the pain. I also believe that the act of milking helped her also.
If you have goats or even if you don't, this is a very interesting and wonderful book.

The expressions on the goats faces are perfect. Very true. Very true..

AND I LOVE this woman. LOVE HER!

She spent time with the neighborhood children teaching them about the goats.

Its a true story.

After buying this book and then giving it to my friend, I knew I had to order another for me.

Grandmas house needs a book like this.

I gave this book to my friend who raises Saanens and Angoras. She is who I got my goats from. She is the one who has taught me all I know about goats. Guess what I call her? Yes. The Goat Lady.
A long time ago, when I first moved to the acreage on Peebly, I got a goat. I had been living on Peebly for about a week. My friends came up from Texas and we were going to the flea market while Mickey went to pick up a lawn mower. Mickey said, "Whatever you do, DONT come home with any animals. We are not ready yet." So...I came home with a goat and 3 baby geese.
When we bought our place it already had an old chicken house with chickens in it. Then we had this old pig pen area that had a small shelter, albeit primitive, and a rusty old falling down fence. This is where I kept the new pygmy goat we named "Kicker". I so loved the little goat. I read up on what to feed and then I read that goats do not like to be alone. Matter of fact, it is really cruel for a goat to live without another goat or horse or some type of companion. So I went in search of a friend for Kicker.
After a few weeks of looking, I called a local vet and was told that they knew the *goat guru*. So I called. The lady answered the phone.
Do you have goats?
I want to buy one.
What are you going to do with it?
I want a companion for my other goat.
Oh. I was just asking because you know some people eat goats.
Your kidding?
No I'm not. And if you wanted a goat for that reason, you called the wrong number.
I liked her right then.
I drove to her place way out in the country. When I crested the hilltop and saw the massive green pastures speckled white with goats, I thought I was approaching heaven on earth. Just having moved to my very own country place, I was taken in with the cows and horses and all the smells involved with a farm. Tractors and implements and metal troughs made me happy. I wanted to stay forever..
I stayed for quite a while and helped with the cats and then she gave me my little white saanen. I was so excited!!!! We went home in the car and when Kicker saw his friend he was so happy.! At last, I thought I had my little hobby farm...but it was not to be...
Continued later...
I will finish my story on Friday...
Emma is going to have her tonsils out tomorrow so I wont be blogging or working..Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...


  1. Loved your story about the goat lady and how you came by your first goats.

    I'll be praying for Emma, your family and the medical staff taking care of Emma. If I lived closer I'd bring her some popsicles in her favorite flavor.

  2. Awww - I love your story about your first goat! I'm the same way and woulda brought home some animals too! grin.

  3. You're so sweet for buying your friend that book. I'm sure she'll treasure it.
    I cannot imagine my life without some sort of critters. I don't have goats, but I love watching my horses out in the pasture.