Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Its a bird, its a plane, no its.....

Super Dink!!!

We had big doings this weekend..
The animals all got to watch.

Reta and Dinky got sheared.

They got their summer hair cuts...

Even tho its spring, its been pretty cool around here...

So Dinky was letting me know he was cold and so was Reta. They wanted to put on their blankets...
"Hey You!! Im cold here!!!"
The other animals think this is hysterical...well, curious actually.

But it does help..
And they are both grateful for this little bit of help for a couple of days until they adjust. Then they will be feeling frisky and jumping around .....That mohair was getting long and quite heavy...

I had to let the planting go last weekend because I had so much to get done.........

Look at what all I have yet to do!!!!

And then last night, I realized, Marley is needing a haircut too!!!

She looks like a little lion....

She wont mind..anything I want to do is ok with her....She adores me..

as I do her....

Ive come to the realization that daily blogging is just not for me..Sometimes I have too much to do and I don't get around to getting the blog updated. Then it bothers me that I don't. So, Ive come to the conclusion that I will blog when I can and not fret when I don't. Sometimes exciting (to me) things happen on Peebly and sometimes just plain ol life happens there..(which is my favorite), but doesn't actually mean its blog worthy..Anywhoo...I'll be in and out this summer. I'll post when I can and when I cant..well, I will be back sometime!! Thanks for reading!!




  1. Poor things, I'll bet they freeze at night. Love they're blankets.
    Atleast you have your garden tilled up. I haven't gotten that far yet. (sigh)
    I can relate to being able to post regularly. I have had a time getting things done around here. All this homework is killing me. Especially this time of year when I want to be outside diggin' in the dirt.

  2. This week is extremely busy for me too and as you can see I haven't posted anything this week. I plan on a post this Fri but not sure if it's gonna happen. Like you, I'll most likely be in and out this summer but I always look forward to visiting with you and my other bloggie friends.