Sunday, April 18, 2010

My riding days....

They are very limited anymore...

Its a time constraint......I used to have so much fun just going and doing..Free as the wind...

Riding with my friends.....That's me on the left in the shades with one of my friends. She later developed pancreatic cancer. She beat it... We had many miles together..Hopefully we will ride again. I'm sure we will.

I have enjoyed my riding days...
Just the adventure in itself. Being with people that are feeling the freedom and thrill just like you.. Seeing things from a different perspective, and taking it all in. Really bringing to light the meaning of, "Its the journey, not the destination"..

I miss riding sometimes. I still have my bike. But it sits more than it gets out.

Having a hobby farm and grand ones and soccer games and gardens and a full time job, and all the things that make me ME, keep me busy. But every now and then I hear the wolf howling in the distance. I think its saying to come out and take a day and just go.
I'm happy to have that option. One day soon, I will go..and then I'll wonder why I parked it for so long.


  1. What is important? Right now.
    All the things that keep you busy...right now.
    Enjoy them while you can!