Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Supreme excavation skills

Over the weekend, Mickey wanted me to go along while he did some work. I agreed, even tho the pollens were getting the best of me..
Is the pollen bad where you are? Everything around is covered with a fine layer of green. YUCK!

Anyway, he did this job in OKC. Let me tell you a little about it.

This yellow plastic line is a gas line. He has to dig around this and be careful not to gouge the pipe or it could mean big trouble. Actually even death. There have been cases.

Here is that same gas line now going across where he had to dig. Also do you see that big pipe? That is a storm sewer pipe. All the water from the streets rush into the drains and then into this pipe then on to the river. Its made of concrete but still could be broken with the track hoe bucket if he wasn't careful..Then not only did he have to dig down to this storm pipe, he then had to dig under the pipe so the plumbing company could lay the white pipe that you see. Very tedious work.
This particular job would not be for someone who didn't know exactly what they were doing, for sure...

Now to complicate matter even more, he is putting the dirt back into the ditch now because the plumbers have completed their part of the job. Do you see how crowded everything is? He has a tree, fence, and electrical lines to deal with. Talk about multi-tasking!
I'm very proud of him and his accomplishments with our little company.

Hes the best at what he does.
It was fun for me to go along and actually see what he does.

I just kicked back on the grass and breathed in all the pollens.

He actually dug up this baseball and gave it to me. I began to dream that perhaps this was a long lost Mickey Mantel signed baseball. We could retire and stay down on the farm. He could give up this digging career. Then I realized that it really wasn't a signed Mickey Mantel ball, and further more, it wasn't mine to keep. I gave it to the homeowners daughter who was there to help out a bit. She was probably in her 50's and couldn't recall if it had actually been hers at one time or not..But she kept it anyway...

So you just keep digging Mickey. Maybe one day, you will dig up some buried treasure!



  1. Wow that's some mighty fine bucket work. Way to go, Mickey!
    Maybe that ball was some dog's favorite toy and he buried it there to keep another dog from walking away with it.

  2. Mickey is one master craftsman is all I can say.