Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation, sleep over and all the rest

Last nights storms swept by and didn't cause much distress here....Clear days ahead for at least the weekend....The kids came over and we hung out in the storm shelter last evening while the sirens blared and the wind howled and the rains came..No tornado tho!!

First the Good..
The girls came over last weekend for a sleep over.
They wanted to build a fire..
And have a cook out...
So we did....

Sunday morning we made stuffed french toast with strawberries...YUMMY!

Emma graduated...
They sang songs for us....There is Emma in the red and white dress.
Notice the twin girls in the front row to your left? One in polka dots and the other in the white dress. They are smiling and singing..
Then for some reason the twin in the white began to cry. Her sister put her arm around her and tried her best to make her sister smile again but it didn't work.

And then they both were sobbing and singing and sobbing and singing. All this to the tune of "What a wonderful world". Me..I couldn't help the tears going down my cheeks for those twins.

I still have a few kittens that need homes!!! Any takers?

The little gray one in the back of the stroller now has a home in Tulsa. A very good home..Bye kitty!!!

This one needs a home..
This one needs a home too...

The BAD right now is Bob is kinda down in his hips. I'll give him a bit more to get better, if he doesn't, then hes going for a x-ray...

Alice is at the Spay and Neuter clinic today having surgery. No more kittens on Peebly Road thank you!

I have been BUSY at work this week as you can imagine. More planting to do this weekend and I'm sure there will be soccer and probably a kid or two around. Some goats need feet trimmed too.

What in the world have YOU been up to?
Tell me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Its May in Oklahoma.
That means Tornado's.

Ive been very busy here at my job at State Farm as you can imagine. The storm hit our area. It did not hit my house nor my sons house. We are all ok. I did go without electricity for one day but that was all. So many people are without homes. So many more without electricity still. Others, have died, sadly.

I stopped my car to take pictures of some of the destruction to share on my blog, but couldn't do it. I just cant take a picture of the spot where someones house once stood. The bathtub sits along the side of Peebly Road. Mattress hanging in a tree. Debris everywhere.
I drive past that area everyday on my home from work. A little meadow is right there. I would always glance over to my right to look at all the horses that would be grazing. Now, there is nothing but mangled trees. I'm afraid to wonder what happened to the herd.
The Rider family is mourning more than the loss of property. Tammy Rider and her three young children took refuge in a mobile home when Monday's large tornado came rumbling through Little Axe. Tammy was killed in the storm; her children, 9-year-old Jason, 3-year-old Ethan and 1-year-old Regan also suffered critical trauma.Cousin Rich Rider says, "We just need support and prayer, pray like no other. That's all we can do."The Monday storms are blamed for three deaths in Cleveland County and two in Oklahoma City.
A family remembers a 55-year-old Navy veteran killed in Monday's Oklahoma storms.
David Patterson was helping his family unload a recreational vehicle at 59th Street and Peebly Road in Oklahoma City when a tornado lifted the RV off the ground, knocking it onto Patterson.
His brother-in-law told Eyewitness News 5 that he was standing next to Patterson when it happened. He said the wind blew them in opposite directions.
"I was just trying to cover my face, and I just kept rolling over in the ditch over there," said Roy Beller.
Patterson only recently moved to Oklahoma, about a month ago from Oregon.
So the little bit of inconvenience I am going through is nothing compared to this.
Please keep the family members in your thoughts and prayers today.
I will post about this when I get a minute..This was the first time that we used our storm shelter on Peebly Road. Bob went in there too.

More bad weather today..But the news guys said this morning they are just looking for wind and hail. The hail at my house on Monday was the size of a softball. I didn't have my wits about me to even think about taking a picture. I was dodging hail and rain to get into the shelter while carrying Bob and my purse and wondering about going back for Marley who I left in the house. And the 5 kittens. And Shirley and Sandy, the dogs in the shop. And Ben and Delilah in the pasture with the goats.
What to do? It was so fast. I had just got home from work. Mickey looked at me while we were in the shelter and said, "Why are we only saving one dog?".
Fortunately, this time, nothing happened. I don't have to live with the regrets of who do I save?

Too many emotions for me to keep going with the story today. Never mind that the tornado was headed in the directions of my kids house.
More later, when I can handle it.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cell phone photos.

I have pictures on my phone that are a year or two old..

My mother in laws picture taken in November 2009

Emmas 6th birthday cake.

And Emma that day, with crown and newly pierced ears. (that day!)

Me after getting hair highlighted.

Dylan at a soccer game .

Emma at my house eating a banana.

Addy with my old glasses on.

The view from my tree stand. Winter 2009.

Bob in
Pennsylvania woods.

Bob at Nana Tibbys house in Milton.

Emma making pancakes at Grandmas.

Emma being cool.

And here she is carving out a pumpkin at grandmas house.

Not very good pictures in a sense, but priceless nonetheless.
Whats on your camera phone?
Tell me.

They're back!

Have you seen them?

Are they at your place yet?

They are at mine!!!

We probably have 5 or 6 feeders out.

Have the little fellas arrived at your place yet?

Tell me.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Busy weekend it was!

Number one, I cut Marleys hair..It was really outta control!!

I also planted flowers...Mexican Heather.

And started my garden finally....

Got some color going here and there.

I love Salvia.

And I went to Ross. Got this pot.

And just went crazy planting..

Charlotte and Wilbur are really happy it is spring.

You can see his slight smile here.

Marley certainly seemed to enjoy
the new hair cut.

Bob and I went strolling.

Mickey and I went to watch Dylan play soccer on Sunday afternoon. They won!

This week looks quite busy. Next weekend we will have the grand ones over and then Sunday is Mothers Day!! The cards and presents are in the mail!! Things are going pretty well on Peebly.
Which brings me to my confession. I am officially a huge hypocrite..
I preach spay and neuter.
Then, before I knew what happened, "It" happened. Alice became pregnant before I did the responsible thing, which was getting her spayed. I have no excuse. I was wrong.
Now I have this.

And these....
I am guilty. I was wrong..I apologize..

But golly these kittens are cute...
So Im working on homes for them..Only the best of course.
Oklahoma Granny?
Anyone want to apply?
Tell me.
Me AKA The Hypocrite