Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cell phone photos.

I have pictures on my phone that are a year or two old..

My mother in laws picture taken in November 2009

Emmas 6th birthday cake.

And Emma that day, with crown and newly pierced ears. (that day!)

Me after getting hair highlighted.

Dylan at a soccer game .

Emma at my house eating a banana.

Addy with my old glasses on.

The view from my tree stand. Winter 2009.

Bob in
Pennsylvania woods.

Bob at Nana Tibbys house in Milton.

Emma making pancakes at Grandmas.

Emma being cool.

And here she is carving out a pumpkin at grandmas house.

Not very good pictures in a sense, but priceless nonetheless.
Whats on your camera phone?
Tell me.


  1. I have a couple of pictures on my phone - one of some wallpaper in a public restroom and one of an owl sitting on the ground by the edge of the road. At least I think it's an owl.

  2. You know, I take very few pictures with my phone. I only have a few. My brother, my dog, a couple of friends, a rainbow.....just to name a few.

  3. Melinda, Haven't seen a post from you. Just checking to see how you are. Kind of concerned about you because of the storms/tornadoes the other night.