Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation, sleep over and all the rest

Last nights storms swept by and didn't cause much distress here....Clear days ahead for at least the weekend....The kids came over and we hung out in the storm shelter last evening while the sirens blared and the wind howled and the rains came..No tornado tho!!

First the Good..
The girls came over last weekend for a sleep over.
They wanted to build a fire..
And have a cook out...
So we did....

Sunday morning we made stuffed french toast with strawberries...YUMMY!

Emma graduated...
They sang songs for us....There is Emma in the red and white dress.
Notice the twin girls in the front row to your left? One in polka dots and the other in the white dress. They are smiling and singing..
Then for some reason the twin in the white began to cry. Her sister put her arm around her and tried her best to make her sister smile again but it didn't work.

And then they both were sobbing and singing and sobbing and singing. All this to the tune of "What a wonderful world". Me..I couldn't help the tears going down my cheeks for those twins.

I still have a few kittens that need homes!!! Any takers?

The little gray one in the back of the stroller now has a home in Tulsa. A very good home..Bye kitty!!!

This one needs a home..
This one needs a home too...

The BAD right now is Bob is kinda down in his hips. I'll give him a bit more to get better, if he doesn't, then hes going for a x-ray...

Alice is at the Spay and Neuter clinic today having surgery. No more kittens on Peebly Road thank you!

I have been BUSY at work this week as you can imagine. More planting to do this weekend and I'm sure there will be soccer and probably a kid or two around. Some goats need feet trimmed too.

What in the world have YOU been up to?
Tell me.


  1. alice looks like baby. yes she does.the kittens look like they already have a

  2. The girls are SO cute!
    Poor little twins. Makes you want to wrap your arms around them.
    Glad there were no twisters! You've had enough stress already!
    Shame on you for tempting me with those kitties! LOL
    I hope Bob does get better. Maybe the vet will give you something to give him to ease his pain.
    You don't want to know what I've been up to.
    Today has not been a good day and it ain't over yet. **sigh**

  3. ACK! I can't look at kittens! I have a sickness that makes me collect the little furballs... love 'da itty bitty kitties.... good thing you are in OK and not near ME! grin.

    So sorry to hear about your storms. I'm glad you are o.k.... will keep the others in my thoughts.

  4. You probably read that our oldest grandson graduated a week ago last night.

    Last Monday night I went to kindergarten graduation to take some photos for a friend of mine. Those kiddos in their little caps and gowns were just about the cutest things ever. The caps & gowns were exact teeny, tiny copies of the ones worn by the seniors.

    We were in OKC yesterday to witness the adoption of our 2 newest (and last) grandkiddos. I posted last night about it. We're very happy that everything has been completed and they are now officially a part of our family.

    Tonight we'll be at the racetrack cheering our oldest 2 on.

    Tomorrow we're taking our oldest grandson and his girlfriend to Branson and Silver Dollar City. She's never been to Branson before so it will be fun seeing everything through a fresh set of eyes.

    Brother can't go because he's taking driver's ed. I find that kind of funny. My husband says he could probably teach the instructor a thing or two - at least "how to turn left and go fast." LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow you are makes me feel a little embarassed. I have GOT to get my metabolism kicking again, it is still in hibernation mode from our Michigan winter.
    Poor twins...that made me want to cry!
    Great pics...darling kittens!

  6. I drooled over your photos. Looked like you had a great time with your girls and the kittens are adorable. I DO hope Bob is better now...

  7. Just dropped in to say hi! I know you must be busy at the office with the flooding that's been going on. Fortunately while we've seen a lot of rain there hasn't been any flooding up here.

    How's Bob? When Smoke was about 8 months old I noticed he was walking funny. I googled Yorkies and found that they can be prone to hip dysplasia. Took him right to the vet to be examined and the doc said that was the problem. He gave us Glucosamine for Smoke. Most days he's ok but if he's had a busy day of running outside you can tell a marked difference in him. That and when it's rainy.

    Take care!