Friday, June 25, 2010

Suggestions, anyone?

As you read, I will be working like MAD for the next week or so.

Transforming this....

To something like this....

1.) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I will keep a positive attitude during the heat and mess? (Not to mention the labor intensive task at hand?)

Its been almost too hot for even the plants .
My evenings I can assure you will be spent here looking over the accomplishments of the day. Which leads me to your suggestions.

2.) Tell me your best, easy to make, but delicious meals or sandwiches that I can make this weekend and next week while I'm busily working.

3.) How do you get your dog to stop being so crazy?

Where I would LOVE to be on Sunday is in Pennsylvania...This will Uncle Franks 3rd annual family reunion!! (Uncle Frank! Send your private jet to pick me up!) Just kidding. But wouldn't that be grand? Wish I could be there...

Have a terrific weekend everyone!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanking my lucky stars

My hard drive crashed on my computer at home last month. I took it to a friend who worked on it. First he told me that all my information was gone...All my pictures....

Pictures of my grandmother and

Addyson as a baby.

Pictures that cant be replaced.



First born....
Then......He told me he thought he could save them. And he did! He also downloaded them all onto 9 DVDs..Can you imagine how many pictures and video clips that is??? I cant...But those DVDs will be put back for these kids. And Ive learned a very valuable lesson.
Back up your stuff! Do it now!!!
Love, Me

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back by popular demand. Kidding..Just back...

Ok, so we have been MIA for a bit. Lots of things going on...Computer at home broke. Hard drive. Gone. Picking that up today..

Bob got his very short summer hair cut as you can see here..

We are full in the midst of a major renovation at the house. See that cement block structure? That is our well house. It will be gone. History. Tore down. Pump will be rerouted into the house. Also in the picture below, this used to be an enclosed back porch. Gone. Tore down.
We will restore it to an open sitting area. I cant tell you how much this opened up the view from my kitchen sink..

Last night as I was removing shutters I came across this wasp nest. I was up on the ladder and couldn't move fast enough. They swarmed me and as I batted them away, I got stung. This house business is tough!

Next week I am off work to paint the house. We have decided on the top color of tan with the reddish shutters. Do you like it?

Then the trim will be this creamy white. The colors didn't really show up well in these pictures..

I'm thinking the red in the shutters will tie this little shed in.

You may ask just why I am doing all this work in the hottest part of the year? Truth is, I just don't know.

So I have also been gardening...

Sweet potatoes.


Some of them I am just letting sprawl where they may...


Mickey installed the perfect watering system. Just turn on the hydrant and the water flows into these brown lines...and...

into these sprinkler heads....

We also planted two dogwood trees on either side of the drive here...

So life is going on Peebly.

Summer is here.

Its all green again.

Bob is happy.

Me too!!!

All of Alices kittens have found homes.

Will try not to stay gone for so long...I will definitely be posting pictures of the newly painted house when that is finished..
What have YOU been up to?
Tell me.