Friday, June 25, 2010

Suggestions, anyone?

As you read, I will be working like MAD for the next week or so.

Transforming this....

To something like this....

1.) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I will keep a positive attitude during the heat and mess? (Not to mention the labor intensive task at hand?)

Its been almost too hot for even the plants .
My evenings I can assure you will be spent here looking over the accomplishments of the day. Which leads me to your suggestions.

2.) Tell me your best, easy to make, but delicious meals or sandwiches that I can make this weekend and next week while I'm busily working.

3.) How do you get your dog to stop being so crazy?

Where I would LOVE to be on Sunday is in Pennsylvania...This will Uncle Franks 3rd annual family reunion!! (Uncle Frank! Send your private jet to pick me up!) Just kidding. But wouldn't that be grand? Wish I could be there...

Have a terrific weekend everyone!!



  1. Whistle while you work! It seemed to work for the seven dwarfs. tee hee
    And I'd call for delivery. But I'm out too far in the country, they don't deliver here.
    BUT, that would give you a good excuse to get away for a little and in a nice air conditioned car.
    Yep, sounds like a plan to me.

  2. Working with a good partner always helps make the work go faster. Ice cold water is nice to cool off with. And maybe a mister fan?

    My favorite quick summertime meal is to make up some taco meat, sprinkle some in Tostitos Scoops turned right side up on a paper plate (easy clean-up you see), throw on a little shredded cheese, diced tomatoes fresh from the garden, some shredded lettuce, salsa and a bit of sour cream. Guacamole would be good too if you like it and have some. Yum!

    Went to my nephew's wedding this afternoon and tonight we'll be at the races. Church tomorrow. It's been a busy week!

    Crazy dogs! Don'tcha just love 'em to pieces.

    If I could twitch my nose and send to to your peoples I would do it in a heartbeat.

  3. Oops! I meant to say "send YOU to your peoples . . ."