Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thanking my lucky stars

My hard drive crashed on my computer at home last month. I took it to a friend who worked on it. First he told me that all my information was gone...All my pictures....

Pictures of my grandmother and

Addyson as a baby.

Pictures that cant be replaced.



First born....
Then......He told me he thought he could save them. And he did! He also downloaded them all onto 9 DVDs..Can you imagine how many pictures and video clips that is??? I cant...But those DVDs will be put back for these kids. And Ive learned a very valuable lesson.
Back up your stuff! Do it now!!!
Love, Me


  1. So true!
    Glad he was able to save them for you.
    I save my pictures by the month. So I have a stack of CD's with pictures. Just in case.

  2. Give that friend at least 5 gold stars! So glad he was able to save your files.