Monday, July 26, 2010

Didnt feel like working

I certainly didn't feel like working on the house this weekend.
1. It was too hot
2. I wanted to be with my grandchildren
3. Just because

Just because I would rather watch Dylan do cannonballs.

Just because I would rather watch Bob hold a bone in his mouth for an hour.

Just because I would rather gather tomatoes

Just because I would rather watch the birds

Just because I like to watch Emma make pancakes

Just because I could stare at this face forever

And also this face

And watch how a couple of dollar store items will mesmerize a kid for a long time

I would just rather do these things any day.

What did you rather do this weekend?
Tell me.


  1. Sounds like a lot of great reasons to just kick back and have a wonderful weekend. I'm thinking next weekend will be a "pickling" weekend. My little cucumber plants decided to produce after all. Yea!

  2. Every last one of those sound like a great excuse not to work to me.
    Went camping this past weekend. The family was down there all week, but I stay home until Thursday and go to school.